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Calendars/Sports Schedules

""Gift Wrapping every Saturday & Sunday in December by the Lockwood 8th graders noon to 5:00 pm at 1595 Grand Ave. (The hallway between Play Live and Massage Envy) ~The 8th grade students are working hard to raise funds to visit Washington DC in the spring.

Friday, December 14th
Middle School Music Concerts ~See the schedule on this page.
3:00 - 5:30 pm Middle School Dance in the Commons ~Cost $3
Saturday, December 15th

Santa will be visiting Lockwood with the help of the Lockwood Fire Department ~Get info here!

December 13th-19th
Elementary School Music Concerts ~See the schedule on this page.
Wednesday, December 19th
2:00 pm Early Out ""Boys & Girls Club Open
Friday, December 21st
1:15 pm Early Out ""Boys & Girls Club Open at 1:15 pm

Architectural Rendering of New  BuildingVisit the links below for information about the new Lockwood High School:
StarNew High School Information Site
StarTaxpayer impact
StarLockwood High School - Lockwood Board Room
StarLockwood Community Education Committee
StarCMAR Selection Process
""The Lockwood Fire Department will be bringing Santa throughout Lockwood. Visit this link to see the list of Santa visit locations.""

Around the School

"" December Music Concerts ""

""Friday, Dec. 14th - Middle School Band Concert @ 1:30 pm in Sturdevant Gym
"" Monday, Dec. 17th - 5th Grade Band/Choir/Music Classes Concert @ 1:30 pm in Sturdevant Gym
"" Tuesday, Dec. 18th - 2nd Grade Concert @ 1:00 pm in Sturdevant Gym
"" Wednesday, Dec. 19th - 1st Grade Concert @ 1:00 pm in Sturdevant Gym

Lockwood Tax Payers - Please Note!
There was a significant error in the initial Lockwood tax bills.  The mills for School District 2 High School were erroneously included, so Lockwood property owners were billed for an additional 70 mills.  We have been working with the County to resolve this issue and updated bills will be sent out soon with the corrected amount.

""New Visitor Check-in Procedure
The safety of students and staff is of the utmost importance. ~Learn about the new visitor check-in procedure here!

Lockwood School Job Opening
Tack *Paraprofessional *Custodial ~Get details & applications for these positions here!

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