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120 Hours on the DC Trip

Written in 2017 by Autumn Peters

Every year the 8th graders of Eileen Johnson Middle School gets to go on a trip to Washington D.C and another place, Philadelphia or New York. This year, the 8th graders get to go to D.C and New York. This could be expensive, around $2000 dollars, but it is worth it. Eighth graders get to go away from their parents for a week to a fun place with their friends. There are hotels they are staying at, and they get to bunk with three friends. Students get to see the White House, the memorials and some monuments as well as experience life in a large city, riding buses and subways.

I interviewed Mr. Klasna the principal at Eileen Johnson Middle School, and he mentioned that it is a great year to go because of the election and the new president. He said, "It is a great chance for the students to learn about the different monuments of the people who saved lives." It is going to be a good experience for students. I asked if the students were fundraising or paying out of pocket, and Mr. Klasna said they could do either. You can earn the money anyway you want from organized fundraising to working to earn it. When snow falls it would be a great time to get your snow shovels and shovel those driveways.

I also interviewed Mr. Swanke, the leader of the DC trip. He has been talking about all the places we are going to see, like the monuments in DC and the Empire State building in New York. We will be coming back on Thursday because it is only a five day trip and the trip starts on Sunday. We students have to learn our independence. They did not have to carry a purse or a wallet but now we have to. They did not have to have money to spend at school, but on the trip we have to keep our money safe. If students have an attitude on the trip they have to go on a plane back to Billings. If you be rude you do not get to go on the trip.

The last person I interviewed is an 8th grade girl who is going this year Elena Bowen. She was really excited when she was talking about it. She said, "It is gonna be a good experience for me to see those places, and it would be really fun with my friends." She was talking about how she goes around and helps people with their yard or shoveling and picking up leaves. Elena has paid all out of pocket with people giving her what they decide to give. When she goes she is planning to get gifts for friends and family. The rule for misbehaving for her is just does not do anything wrong. She thinks that going to school on Friday, after we return, is wrong because we get home late, and our family and then would have to go to bed late, and then you would have to learn something you have not learned for a week. She is going to school on Friday anyway.

So if you go on this trip you get to go to two cities. You get to assert your independence, buying your own stuff, spending the night in hotels with your friends, and buying gifts for your family and friend. Most importantly, you will get to see all those places you have been learning about all year long in social studies and language arts that have been preparing you for the trip. I hope you decide to go because it will be a trip you will never forget!


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