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8th Grade Graduation Dress Information

At the October 13, 2009, regular School Board Meeting, The Board of Trustees passed a new graduation dress code. Beginning in 2010, all graduating 8th graders were required to wear red graduation gowns provided by the school at no cost to the parents or the general fund.

The purpose of this decision was designed to bring Lockwood students together in celebration of a quality education. One of the assets of Lockwood Schools is our great mixture of socioeconomic, cultural, and educational backgrounds of our families. We are very fortunate to have students that respect differences in all of these categories and come together as family to create a positive learning environment. In keeping with this spirit, our gowns will help keep the focus on celebrating the academic accomplishments of our children and not make the event a display of the socioeconomic differences.

Don’t hesitate to contact the middle school office at 259-0154, option 3.

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