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Substitutes for teachers and support staff are always needed at Lockwood School. Please check the Substitutes Information link for all the details.

StarLockwood superintendent, Tobin Novasio, was named "Montana Superintendent of the Year for 2016" by the Montana Association of School Superintendents. Learn about it here!
StarLockwood Middle School principal, Gordan Klasna, has been named "2017 Principal of the Year" by the Montana Association of Secondary School Principals. Lean about it here!

The superintendent of Lockwood Schools District #26 in Billings, Montana is Mr. Tobin Novasio. The administrative assistant is Mrs. Melissa Kittelmann. The school district business manager and district clerk is Mrs. Laurie Noonkester, and the accounts payable/assistant business manager is Mrs. DeeAnn Nielsen. Mr. Don Christman is the Director of Special Programs. The floating secretary for the school is Kathleen Herman.

The Administration Office can be reached by calling 252-6022.The fax number is 406-259-2502. Visit the contact page link in the "General Interest" drop-down menu above to find the phone numbers for the Elementary K-5 and Middle School, and to get staff extensions and email addresses. Directions for using the Otto Help Line are also on this page. The Help Line allows access to school information, such a menus and classroom information messages, during non-school hours. School year administration office hours are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Summer hours will be posted on the welcome page in June.

Community members and visitors are always welcome at Lockwood Schools. Please check in with the building secretary when you visit. Thank you!

Lion Logo Lockwood School Vision & Mission

Legendary Education,
                 Lasting Foundation,
                   Limitless Future!

Mission Statement:

Lockwood Schools expects all students to succeed. We will achieve this goal by being focused, adaptable, innovative, engaging, and driven to help every student achieve success.

We will strive to achieve a safe, secure, and positive learning environment including the design, maintenance, and operation of facilities that enhance learning.

We will nurture classrooms of life-long learners through the use of standards-based curricula, effective teaching strategies, innovative technologies, and constructive feedback ensuring that our students’ depth of knowledge and variety of skills match the needs of the greater contemporary world.

Each student’s education will be driven by the design and use of effective data systems measuring both individual and group success.

We will work to engage staff, students, parents, and community members to help ensure the success of each student.

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Lockwood Schools Goal Setting

Areas of Focus:
Standards/ Curriculum /Instruction /Assessment
  • Lazotte’s High-Yield Strategies #1 and 2
    ~High Achievement for Each Student
    ~Montana Common Core State Standards
        –Implementation – Professional Development
        –Alignment between Intended and Assessed
    ~Data Gathering and Utilization
        –Professional Development
        –Progress Monitoring
  • Students/Families
    ~Continue and Expand Family Resource and Community Education     Programs
    ~Build Positive Rapport/Image with Families
  • Resources
    ~Maximize Financial Resource Utilization
        –Evaluate the current costs of programs,
          technology, physical plant and human resources.
  • Climate
    ~Develop Staff/Student/Community Feedback Loop
        –Expand Camera System
        –Review and Revise Safety Protocols
        –Exterior Doors
        –School Resource Officer – Full Time
        –Establish a Plan for Roofing Issues
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Lockwood School

Legendary Education,
    Lasting Foundation,
         Limitless Future!