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Lockwood Schools' employees may be contacted by phone or email. Email addresses are located here or at the links below.

Call the numbers below to make phone contact with individual buildings.

School Name Phone Number FAX Number
Primary School 406-252-2776 FAX 406-256-0373
Intermediate School 406-248-3239 FAX 406-248-4836
Middle School 406-259-0154 FAX 406-259-3832
Admin/Services 406-252-6022 FAX 406-259-2502

Lockwood School - School Board Contact Information for 2018-19

Name Phone Email
Tim Sather
(2017-18 Chair)
05/07 Term Expires 5/2019
406-245-8200 (Work)

Katherine Pfau
(2017-18 Vice-Chair)
06/13 Term Expires 5/2019
406-245-4421 (Home)
Pamela Ask
12/16 Term Expires 5/2021
406-671-7981 (Cell) askp@lockwoodschool.org
Joe Borgstrom
05/14 Term Expires 5/2021
651-247-6200 (Cell) borgstromj@lockwoodschool.org
Sylvia Noble
12/16 Term Expires 5/2021
406-861-4341 (Cell) nobles@lockwoodschool.org
Scott Kiekover
05/15 Term Expires 5/2021
406-256-6208 (Home) kiekovers@lockwoodschool.org
Janna Lind
05/17 Term Expires 5/2020
406-697-9145 (Cell) lindj@lockwoodschool.org

Name Phone Email
Tobin Novasio
Eileen Johnson Middle School Principal
Gordon Klasna
Eileen Johnson Middle School Dean of Students
Toni Derrig
406-259-0154 derrigt@lockwoodschool.org
Grade 3-5 Elementary Principal
Kelly Kinsey
406-248-3239 kinseyk@lockwoodschool.org
Grade PreK-2 Elementary Principal
Jennifer Fox
406-252-2776 foxj@lockwoodschool.org

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