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Name Title Email Address
Andersen, Susan Teacher - Intervention/Elementary andersens@lockwoodschool.org
Anderson, Robert Teacher - 7th Grade Social Studies andersonb@lockwoodschool.org
Arneson, Crystal Teacher - Kindergarten arnesonc@lockwoodschool.org
Ask, Pamela School Board Trustee askp@lockwoodschool.org
Athletic Director Tony Derrig
Barnard, Dylan Teacher - Fifth Grade barnardd@lockwoodschool.org
Bender, Toni Teacher - Fifth Grade bendert@lockwoodschool.org
Bertolucci, Laura (Collins) Teacher -Middle School Intervention/SPED bertoluccil@lockwoodschool.org
Biggins, Tammy Teacher - Third Grade bigginst@lockwoodschool.org
Bisonette, Jonathan Teacher - Middle School PE/Health bisonettej@lockwoodschool.org
Bolton-Massick, Jean Custodial bolton-massickj@lockwoodschool.org
Borgstrom, Joe School Board Trustee borgstromj@lockwoodschool.org
Boys & Girls Club
     Unit Director Glenda Brauneis
Bracy, Kathy Teacher - Special Education bracyk@lockwoodschool.org
Brazelton, Gayle Paraprofessional - Middle School brazeltong@lockwoodschool.org

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