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Lockwood School - School Board Contact Information for 2016-17

Name Title Ext. Email Address
Intermediate Boy's Locker 550  
Intermediate Compass Lab-2 538  
Intermediate Conference Room 505
Intermediate Copy Room 507  
Intermediate ISS 553  
Intermediate Life Skills 521  
Intermediate Staff Room 504
Intermediate Student Phone 551
Iverson, Krystle Paraprofessional - Elementary   iversonk@lockwoodschool.org
Johnson, Kathy Paraprofessional - Tech Office 344 johnsonk@lockwoodschool.org
Johnson, Rhonda Secretary - Grades K-2 341 johnsonr@lockwoodschool.org
Karls, Eric Teacher - Eighth Grade Science   karlse@lockwoodschool.org
Kiekover, Scott Board of Trustees   kiekovers@lockwoodschool.org
Kimmel, Jeanette Paraprofessional - Elementary   kimmelj@lockwoodschool.org
Kinsey, Kelly Assistant Principal - Middle School   kinseyk@lockwoodschool.org
Kitchen (Pri/Inter) 365
Kitchen (MS) 613  
Kittelmann, Melissa Administrative Assistant   kittelmannm@lockwoodschool.org
Klasna, Gordon Principal - Middle Shool 601 klasnag@lockwoodschool.org
Kraftt, Moriah Paraprofessional - Elementary   krafttm@lockwoodschool.org
Kucera, Nicole Teacher - Second Grade   kuceran@lockwoodschool.org
Lagge, Sharmi Paraprofessional - Middle School 646 lagges@lockwoodschool.org
Laib, Kristi Librarian - K-3 345 laibk@lockwoodschool.org
Lambert, Sam School Psychologist   lamberts@lockwoodschool.org
Larson, Angela Nursing Services, CNA   larsona@lockwoodschool.org
Larson, Cari Lunch Clerk   larsonc@lockwoodschool.org
Larson, Lynette Teacher - Elementary Music 420 larsonl@lockwoodschool.org
Lawver, April Teacher - Elementary Special Ed   lawvera@lockwoodschool.org
Lemke, Denise Teacher - Fifth Grade 527 lemked@lockwoodschool.org
Levang, Carol Teacher - First Grade 317 levangc@lockwoodschool.org
Lockwood PTA Lockwood Schools PTA lockwoodpta@lockwoodschool.org
Lofing, Jamie Teacher - Fourth Grade   lofingj@lockwoodschool.org
Luhman, Kat School Board Trustee   luhmank@lockwoodschool.org
Lunch Clerk Cari Larson larsonc@lockwoodschool.org
Lund, Emily     Facilities   lunde@lockwoodschool.org

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