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Lockwood School - School Board Contact Information for 2016-17

Name Title Ext. Email Address
Vanderbeck, Tom Teacher - Eighth Social Studies 701 vanderbeckt@lockwoodschool.org
Veznia, Robin Teacher - Sixth Grade Language Arts vezinar@lockwoodschool.org
Visser, Aubrie Teacher - Kindergarten   vissera@lockwoodschool.org
Webber, Helen   Teacher - Special Education   webberh@lockwoodschool.org
West, Crystal Paraprofessional - Elementary
842 westc@lockwoodschool.org
Wiggs, Amy Counselor - Elementary School 343 wiggsa@lockwoodschool.org
Wilkins, Nancy Occupational Therapist   wilkinsn@lockwoodschool.org
Wilder, Jayme Counselor - Middle School 605 wilderj@lockwoodschool.org
Williams, Ashely Teacher - Third Grade   williamsa@lockwoodschool.org
Wolff, Nikki Renee  Teacher - Fifth Grade   wolffn@lockwoodschool.org
Wright, Eugene   Facilities   wrighte@lockwoodschool.org
Wulff, Denise Teacher - Elementary Intervention 521 wulffd@lockwoodschool.org
Wulff, Keira Teacher - Second Grade   wulffk@lockwoodschool.org
Zilkoski, Jerry Elementary - Counselor 528 zilkoskij@lockwoodschool.org

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