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Mr. Klasna selected "Principal of the Year"

Mr. KlasnaMr. Klasna Recieving Award
Mr. Gordon Klasna, principal of Eileen Johnson Middle School in Lockwood, was selected "Principal of the Year" by the Montana Association of Secondary School Principals in the spring of 2017.

Mr. Klasna became a principal at Lockwood in 2011. Before that,he was associate principal at Riverside Middle School in Billings. He is also a member of the School District 2 high school trustee board representing Lockwood.

Both teachers and students alike at Lockwood School think that Mr.Klasna was a great choice for the state of Montana. "He tries to help many students through their education career," says Karma, a former student at Lockwood. As the recipient, Mr.Klasna and his family went to Helena to receive his award on April 9th, as well as a lunch conference on April 20th.

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