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Mrs. Sumner Receives "Gold Star Award for Excellence in Teaching"
Congratulations to Jennifer Sumner!!!! The KULR Television crew made a surprise visit to Mrs. Sumner's class on March 19, 2010, to present her with the "Gold Star Award for Excellence in Teaching."  Along with her award plaque and basket of goodies, she also received $250 to use in her classroom. The children were excited and could hardly contain themselves!  Part of the fun was catching Mrs. Sumner by surprised!
~View a photo of Mrs. Sumner with her award.

Lockwood Eighth Graders Win Writing Contests
Three Lockwood School 8th graders have won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the 2009-10 VFW annual writing contest. The winners are 3rd place Kiara Kober, 2nd place Kelsey Ripley and 1st place Samantha Walter. Kelsey's and Sammie's papers moved into a district contest and Kelsey won 1st place there. In the state competition, she won 1st place as well! All the students received monetary rewards. Kiara won $50, Sammie $100 and Kelsy a total of $650!

Kelsey's paper will be read in Helena at the VFW banquet on January 30. (Her family will get to be there and hear her read her winning paper to the crowd.) The VFW will be presented these girls with their checks on January 22, 2010. Visit the links below to see photos:
         Sammy, Kelsey & Kiara         The Girls with VFW Members

Lockwood School Receives Grant
In the fall of 2009, Lockwood School received a $75,000 grant from Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to help develop recreational fields on the school campus. A softball field and walking paths, to be located east of the administration area, will be started in the spring of 2010. It will be a great addition to our community!

Lockwood School Board Wins 19th Golden Gavel Award
The Lockwood School Board won their 19th consecutive Golden Gavel Award in October, 2010. This is a major commitment of time for the Trustees. Not only do they attend to all of the business in the district, but they must attend classes to receive this award. Every trustee on the Board must receive a minimum number of credits for this honor. Visit the following link to see a photo of the board: 2009-10 Board

Lockwood School is very proud of Sue Vinton, Greg Bochy, Peter Freivalds, Jason Hamrick, Becky Malenowsky, Tim Sather and Tamara Spillum for their dedication to our educational community. Thank you for the time you give.

Lockwood Boys & Girls Club Expands
An article posted in the Billings Gazette July 1, 2009, talks about the expanding role of the Boys & Girls at Lockwood School. Read the complete article here: Boys & Girls Club, Lockwood Build on Relationship