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Love and Logic Parenting Class
These classes are held yearly and consist of one night a week for six weeks. The class encourages parents to use the Love and Logic approach to parenting and discipline. This approach teaches parents how to raise kids with loving support from parents while at the same time expecting kids to be respectful and responsible. Parenting with Love and Logic, a philosophy founded by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D., is based on the experience of a combined total of over 75 years working with and raising kids.

Many parents want their kids to be well prepared for life. Becoming a Love and Logic Parent teaches parents how to hold their kids accountable in this special way. Parent child relationships are enhanced, family life becomes less strained, and there is more time to enjoy our kids.

This 9 hour class is facilitated by Tina Muller in the Family Resource Center

Screen-Free Week
The Family Resource Center, along with Lockwood Schools, participates in National Screen Free Week each May together with thousands of other schools and communities nationwide. Families are encouraged to participate in this experiment by leaving television set(s), computer games, and gaming devices "off" for three or four days or the entire week.

The success of previous Screen Free Weeks demonstrates that a recess from television, hand held devices, computer games, etc. allows more time to converse, read, exercise, play, think, create and do. Children who participate tend to have higher grades, read more books, and exercise regularly. National Screen Free Week is about taking a healthy break to focus on activities that are more academically, socially and physically rewarding. It is also about having more fun.

Kindergarten Tours
Kindergarten Tours are held during Lockwood Kindergarten Registration at the end of April. The Family Resource Center offers the parent and incoming kindergarten child a tour of the primary building which includes the kindergarten classrooms, library, nurses station, cafeteria, secretaries office, music room, art room, and gym. The tour ends at the Family Resource Center with juice and cookies The tours can be guided or parents can go on a self tour. The Family Resource Center also hands out information on reading and starting school.

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