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FRC Grade Level Programs

Tot Time
Tot Time is a wonderful program to introduce families to Lockwood School before they actually have a student here. We work on the concept of how important reading is for children. The Family Resource Center presents a different story each month with an activity to enhance the reading. The focus for this program is reading and motor skill development. Tot Time is held 8 times a year on the second Wednesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. in the Family Resource Center. Come join us in October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May.

Kindergarten "Lunch-N-Learn"
The Family Resource Center invites all kindergarten students and a family member to join us for a story, fun reading activity and lunch. Each child is invited to two Lunch and Learns. The focus of Lunch and Learn is on learning to read. The first Lunch and Learn has a simple story with 50 words or less and lots of repetition. The second Lunch and Learn has a rhyming story. Parents leave with a packet filled with lots of valuable ideas for incorporating reading at home.

First Grade " Morning Of Muffins, Donuts At Dawn"
This activity takes place in May a couple of weeks before school lets out. Each first grade class is invited with Mom, Dad or any adult family member to a breakfast of donuts, muffins and juice. The focus is to encourage reading throughout the summer. Information packets on ways to incorporate reading at home are handed out. The summer Bookmobile schedule and information about Parmly Billings Library summer reading program are included. A large selection of used books are available for the children to browse through and take home for summer reading.

Second Grade "Every Blooming Thing"
Every Blooming Thing is a fun science based program. The focus is on how plants grow. Each second grade class is invited to attend this lunch time program with an adult family member. It starts with a story about planting a garden and the cycle of vegetation starting with seeds and ending with the processing of vegetables at harvest. Then we do a fun activity; planting a bulb which has been refrigerated to force bloom. After the activity we will go to lunch in the cafeteria at the regular scheduled time. Packets with simple science experiments to perform at home with supplies in the house are given out at the end of the program.

Third Grade "Make and Take"
Make and Take is the Family Resource Centers third grade program. Each student is invited along with an adult family member to this lunch time program. The student works with the parent to put together a Mancala game with an egg carton and beads. When the game is put together the parent and child have time to play the game. The parent and child then have the chance to go to lunch together at the child's regular scheduled lunch time. This program focuses on math and strategy skills in a fun way.

Fourth Grade "Lunch Time Trivia"
Lunchtime Trivia is the Family Resource Centers lunch time program for fourth grade. Fourth graders and an adult family member are invited to attend this program. This is a fun approach to learning facts that will help with MontCas testing. Student and guest go to lunch at the child's regular scheduled time. The fourth grade teachers, along with the Family Resource Center, created a trivia game especially for the fourth grade students. The questions help prepare the child for the Measured Progress test that they will be taking in March. Everyone goes home with a game to keep and play with his or her family.

Fifth Grade "Seekers"
Fifth graders and a family member are invited to the fifth grade Seekers program. The Family Resource Center will guide the parent and child on an adventure to help both prepare for the next step into middle school. Plan to arrive at the middle school, in the gym at 11:40, on the day that corresponds with your child's teacher. Your child will meet you there. Everyone will go as a group on a fun scavenger hunt in the middle school. Places to be found are the library, secretary and her office, the counselor, a sixth grade classroom, the music room, Spanish, art, FACS and the computer lab. When the adventure is done the child can come pick out a prize and then enjoy lunch with their parent in the middle school commons.

Sixth Grade "Movin' on to Middle School"
This program is set up to get parents comfortable with the child's move to middle school and have more understanding about their child's day in sixth grade. The parents come in shortly before lunch. The Family Resource Center introduces parents to their extensive teen library. If parents have questions they will know about the resources that the Family Resource Center has available for them. Mr. Sullivan gives a run down of the student's day, covers the middle school philosophy and MBI. Mr. Sullivan also answers questions that parents have concerning the move to middle school. The Resource Officer on campus also is there and gives a run down about his or her duties on campus. The parents then meet their child and experience the hallways as the children are released for lunch. The purpose of this program is to alleviate concerns by the parents and understanding about the stress their child may be facing on a daily basis as they make the transition into sixth grade. A Movin' On To Middle School Survival Kit is given to all the parents. The kit contains information on drinking, smoking, bullying, and being a good citizen.

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