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Meal Assistance Program

Meals will be served to all students wanting to participate in the Lockwood Schools Food Service Program. The pricing for 2018-19 school meals are listed below. These are the same prices as last year.
•Breakfast all grades: Regular price $1.25 / Reduced price: Breakfast $0.30
•Lunch K-5: Regular price $2.75 / Reduced price: $0.40
•Lunch Middle School: Regular price $2.90 / Reduced price: $0.40
•Milk: $0.50
•Adult prices: Breakfast $2.00 / Lunch $3.35.

The "Breakfast in the Classroom" program started at Lockwood School in August, 2015. Learn about the program here: Breakfast in the Classroom

Families are encouraged to complete the Application for Free and Reduced-price meals that will be sent home with each child on the first day of school or it may be downloaded at the link below. By filling out the application and returning it as soon as possible, you will reduce your family costs as well as assist the school’s eligibility for federal and state grants. If you are uncertain about eligibility please call the lunch clerk, Sara Wolf, at 252-6022 (press 7) or Melissa Kittelmann, determining official, at 252-6022 (press 4) for any assistance needed to complete this form.

Two versions of the free and reduced lunch application for 2018-19 are available at the links below.

It is very important that the free/reduced lunch application is filled out properly and signed by the parent or guardian. The determining official cannot approve an incomplete application. Please remember that an application needs to be filled out on a yearly basis. Even though a child was approved for free or reduced meals last year, a new application MUST be filled out for this year.

A lunch account with an outstanding balance (either negative or positive) from last year will be carried over to start the 2018-19 school year.

There is a 2-meal limit for charging per child. After a 2-meal charge an alternative meal will be served. Alternative meals must have the required food items/components to be nutritionally beneficial for students.

Federal Income Chart for Reduced Price Meals
For School Year 2018-19
(These amounts are based on gross income.)
Household Size Annual Monthly Weekly
1 22,459 1,872 432
2 30,451 2,538 586
3 38,443 3,204 740
4 46,435 3,870 893
5 54,427 4,536 1,047
6 62,419 5,202 1,201
7 70,411 5,868 1,355
8 78,403 6,534 1,508
Each Additional Person 7,992 666 154
Federal Income Chart for Free Meals
For School Year 2018-19
(These amounts are based on gross income.)
Household Size Annual Monthly Weekly
1 15,782 1,316 304
2 21,398 1,784 412
3 27,014 2,252 520
4 32,630 2,720 628
5 38,246 3,188 736
6 43,862 3,656 844
7 49,478 4,124 952
8 55,094 4,592 1,060
Each Additional Person 5,616 468 108

The lunch menus are posted on the Sodexo Corporation website here: Monthly Menus

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