Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,
The Family Resource Center, along with Lockwood Schools, plans to participate in National Screen Free Week, April 29-May 5, 2019, together with thousands of other schools and communities nationwide. We encourage your whole family to participate in this experiment by leaving your television set(s), computer games, and gaming devices “off” for three or four days or the entire week.

The success of previous Screen Free Weeks demonstrates that a recess from television, hand held devices, computer games, etc. allows more time to converse, read, exercise, play, think, create and do. Children who participate tend to have higher grades, read more books, and exercise regularly. National Screen Free Week is about taking a healthy break to focus on activities that are more academically, socially and physically rewarding. It is also about having more fun.

The Family Resource Center would like to invite your family to join us in turning off the TV and computers. All kids that are successful will get treat and certificate of achievement for their participation.

Please help your child succeed in this volunteer effort by providing positive alternatives. Help your child complete this form and return it to your child’s teacher by Friday, April 26.

Print the sign-up page here and return by April 26th. 2019 Screen Free Week Sign-up