Notice about Student Pick-up & Drop-off for the Front Parking Lot

This is a message from Lockwood Schools.  We would like help in improving our front parking lot for the 18-19 school year.  Here is the plan for this school year:

-We will have more staff parking in the back.  This will allow up to 15, or so more parking spaces for parents to park.

-Please only the curbside, lane closest to the school to drop off, or pick up quickly.  If you are going to wait with your child, or they are not out to be picked up, please park in a spot allotted, drive around the loop, or double park on the other side by parked cars (please stay with your vehicle).  This will allow traffic to continually move on the inside and students to be safely be dropped off and picked up without walking in between cars.  

""Please remember students need to be dropped off at 7:30 am or after.  We do not have staff here on supervision until that time.  Please have students picked up by 3:20 after school and 2:20 on Wednesday early out days.

If you have questions about this please call Mr. Kinsey at 259-0154 ext. 2.

Thank you for helping us make our mornings and afternoons more safe and efficient.