February 2017 Row of Candy HeartsI Love to Read Month
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    This is I Love to Read month! Let's read! Read about Chinese New Year! Read with a buddy in your classroom Read the comics with a friend. Read your favorite story backwards. Was it funny?
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Read a story upside down.Was it hard? Read an article fromthe newspaper today. Read a book about one of our Presidents. Read the grocery ads. What is on sale? Read a book and design a new cover for the book. Ask a person in your family to read to you. Read a joke or riddle book today.
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Look at the stars. Read a book about stars. Hats off to reading! Wear a hat to school. I love to read day! Wear red! Sweat it out with a good book! Wear sweats! Wear a T-shirt today that someone can read. Read a book about George Washington. Design a bookmark to go with your favorite book.
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Turn off the TV and read! Read about your favorite sport. Write your own story and make a cover for it. Curl up with a good book! Keep warm! Write a story about yourself. Now share it! Read a book to your favorite stuffed animal. Go bananas over books! Eat a banana while you read.
26 27 28 Image of Cartoon ElephantWe will be celebrating I love to read month by doing the activities described on Feb. 13-16 in school. Please help your child experience the rest of the activities at home. Thanks! Happy Reading!
Find a book of poetry and read some poems. Visit the library and check out some good books. Read a biography book to learn about a famous person.