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Lockwood School Newsletter Fall 2018

First Day of School is August 22
School Begins at:
7:55 am Grades 6-8
8:00 am Grades K-5

Open House
Tuesday, August 21
5:30 - 7:00
School Dismissal Times:
2:55 pm Kindergarten
3:00 pm Grades 1-8
Early release every Wednesday
2:00 pm All Grades

Elementary K-2 Offices

PreK-2 Principal - Jenny Fox
PreK-2 Secretary - Rhonda Johnson

Elementary 3-5 Offices

3-5 Principal - Kelly Kinsey
3-5 Secretary - Renee Oliszczak

Middle School 6-8 Office

Principal - Gordon Klasna
Dean Of Students - Tony Derrig
Secretary - Stacy Schlepp

District Administration Central Office

Superintendent - Tobin Novasio
Director of Special Programs - Don Christman
Business Manager/Clerk - Laurie Noonkester
Asst. Business Manager/Registrar - DeeAnn Nielsen
Facilities Director - Marc Dearing
Administrative Assistant - Melissa Kittelmann


Parents, Students and Community Members,

Parents, Students and Community Members, Welcome back to school! I'm sure the parents are happier to hear those words than the students are but we here at Lockwood Schools are excited to start the new school year.
We hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful Montana summer. Here at the school staff have been busy working on fixing, cleaning and upgrading facilities to prepare for the return of our students. The most visible work has been installing a new roof over the Intermediate School and the Elementary Lunchroom. We have several other upgrades aimed to improve our efficiency and school safety.
Trustees and staff are also hard at work making plans for our Lockwood High School. This is an exciting and important project for our students and community. It includes many other district-wide improvements for students in all grades. As we start to firm up these plans, there will be several opportunities for community members to get involved with the planning processs, both for the physical structures and the academic programs. We want a school that reflects the priorities and values of Lockwood and the only way to do that is to involve the commmunity. I want to apologize in advance for any inconveniences that may arise next Spring as we break ground and may have to disrupt things like parking in the Middle School. Growth can be messy, but I can assure you it will be worth it in the long run!
One of our priorities as a district is to make sure that all of our students' basic needs are met. Our core job is to educate your children, but a child can't focus on learning if they are hungry, cold, scared or distracted because of other physical or emotional needs. In order to make sure our kids are best prepared to learn every day we have worked with our community partners to have the availability to provide for these needs. If your child or family wants to take advantage of these resources please do not hesitate to reach out to their teacher, counselor or principal. You can even reach out directly to me if your are more comfortable with that or don't know where to start. We have meals, school supplies, shoes, winter clothes and many other items available. School officials can also connect you with outside resources if needed.
Quality education is a joint endeavor between the family and the school. I personally guarantee if you make sure your child is well rested and here at school every day, Lockwood Schools will uphold our end of the relationship and do everything we can to make sure your child is successful in their academic and social growth. Simply being here regularly is a big part of academics and sets students up for future success in life. We can't teach students when they do not make it to school, Attendance Matters.
I want to thank you in advance for the opportunity to work with your children. I promise that Lockwood Schools will maintain its tradition of excellence and that we will strive everyday to provide our students with the best education possible. Go Lions!

Tobin Novasio, Superintenden novasiot@lockwoodschool.org