Important Information about the Lockwood Schools Newsletters:
The Lockwood Schools Newsletter, Middle School Pride Page, and the School Board Newsletter are available at the links below. The PDF version requires the Adobe Reader. If you do not have the Adobe Reader on your computer, it may be downloaded for free at this link: Adobe Reader

School-Wide Newsletter

November 20,2018 Online Edition
November 20, 2018 PDF Edition

The newsletter is published every two weeks by the Family Resource Center. It provides information about upcoming events at the school and other happenings of interest to both parents and students. In an attempt to save on paper and printing, the school’s regular newsletter will be posted on the web-site and a few copies will be available in the office of each building. Copies will also be available at the Lockwood IGA. Thank you for helping us with these efforts.

Middle School Pride Page

November 20, 2018 Online Edition
November 20, 2018 PDF Edition

The Middle School Pride Page newsletter, sponsored by the Family Resource Center, was added in the fall of 2006.

Students in Eileen Johnson Middle School write articles for this newsletter. Mrs. Sharmi Lagge directs this program.

Elementary School Specialists Newsletter

To be posted in the fall of 2018

The Specialists Newsletter includes stories from the music, pe, and science specialist that have classes for grades K-5. The newsletter began in the fall of 2017

Fall Newsletter Newsletter

Fall 2018 Online Edition
Fall 2018 PDF Edition

Each fall, the Lockwood School Board publishes a newsletter that is mailed to all households in the community. It provides reports for a number of activities that take place at the school. Important information regarding the school breakfast and lunch programs, a list of community education classes for the fall, new details about middle school extracurricular activities, and much more is available.