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 May 2, 2019

Welfare Specialist

My name is Tanna Skillen. I want to give some information about my position at Lockwood School. Overall, it has been a great first year! I hope to complete a couple of big projects this week involving the high school and our current buildings, then it is on to ideas for next year's big projects.

My position is titled Community Welfare Specialist. It is new position this school year. The job description is quite broad, and I can be the go to person for many things. If I am not the exact person to help with a problem, I will connect you to the person that is. With that being said, some of the things I do are actively work with attendance issues, build community relationships, liaison with parents, school security, internet safety, and work on other projects as directed. My door is open for students at all times, and I am happy to chat with parents and other people involved with students as well.

We have a fantastic community in Lockwood, and my goal is to bring us even closer. I want people to not be afraid to reach out and ask if they need a hand. I want them to know their options if they need assistance. I want to create a safer community so our children can focus on learning and being kids. I am excited to remain involved in school safety and will continue to push for a resource officer. I enjoy working with the students and watching them grow.

If you have questions or ideas, please give me a shout at extension 700. Have a fantastic rest of the school year!


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