News from Superintendent Mr. Novasio

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents who attended our Parent Teacher Conferences last week, community members who attended our high school update meetings, and everyone involved in our Parent Teacher Association.

This year we made the decision to move our Parent Teacher Conferences up by several weeks in an effort to allow teachers the opportunity to connect with parents earlier in the school year in order to build relationships to better serve your children. Our attendance numbers were up and the feedback on the format was positive from both parents and staff.

The community feedback on academic programing and facility design for Lockwood High School is vital because this is our community’s school and it needs to reflect the values and needs of our families now and in the future. Your opinions will help steer our students’ futures as you help us finalize construction plans.

The PTA does a great job of bringing parents and other community members together with school staff to identify opportunities to improve things for Lockwood’s children, then finds ways to take advantage of those opportunities. Our local PTA recently was recognized with multiple awards at the State-wide Convention, bringing home both the Leadership and Membership Awards from the state organization.

The Montana School Boards’ Association at the Montana Conference of Education Leadership in Missoula also recently recognized the Lockwood Schools Board of Trustees. Lockwood trustees received their unprecedented 29th consecutive Golden Gavel Award.

I bring all these examples together in this newsletter to stress the interdependence between parents, the community, and our school system; I believe that it for a school to be successful we have to have great parents and a supportive community. A common analogy in education circles is that of education being a “three-legged stool” consisting of a needed balance of commitment and effort from the school, parents, and students. The principle is that schools cannot be successful with out the support of parents and students; in fact removing any of these three “legs” causes the whole structure to fail. In my time as a Principal, I usually found that if we were struggling with a student’s behavior at school, more often than not the parents were also dealing with similar issues at home. A student that was having trouble getting homework turned in was usually struggling to complete chores or other responsibilities at home as well. Working together, school and parents, to teach responsibility and address any underlying issues has always been best practice.

In Lockwood, I believe that we do a good job of including a fourth “leg” of this proverbial stool, the community. Any success we have as a school district is a direct reflection of our supportive community and we consciously try to repay this support. One of our district goals is to add value to the community of Lockwood; we want everyone in our community, including those of you without children, to feel Lockwood Schools has a positive impact on your day-to-day life. This can be through our Adult Education classes, use of our facilities, our service learning projects, or partnerships such as the Community Clinic in conjunction with St. Vincent’s Healthcare.

Again I want to thank everyone in Lockwood, especially our student’s families, for all the support that you give our students and staff. Upcoming opportunities to continue building these relationships include monthly PTA meetings, Community Coffee with members of our administration, the PTA Coin Drive, ongoing Lockwood High School progress meetings, our Veteran’s Day celebration, the yearly Educator for the Day event, the ever popular Family Fun Night, and our monthly school board meetings.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to work with your children. Go Lions!