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 May 18, 2017

School Bus
We Should Have More Field Trips
By: Emma Stone

I believe that we should go on more field trips. Others might disagree and will say that field trips are expensive, which in some cases is true. The trip to Washington D.C. costs over $2000. The ski trip to Red Lodge Mountain costs $40 per student. Although they are expensive, without a doubt the field trips can be educational. Take the field trip the seventh graders take to the community college to learn about Lewis and Clark for example. They learned many things like what they used as medicine and what they ate on their expedition. The Boys and Girls club on campus takes at least twice as many field trips than the school itself does. The fact is that as well as being educational they can be fun. In fifth grade we took a field trip to the Special Olympics to support a classmate and ate lunch and played at the park. When we are outside on field trips, like in the park, it provides exercise because we are out running around. In conclusion, field trips can be educational and fun, and we should have more of them.

Kids on Hill
More Time Outside
By: Robert Morris

I believe that middle schoolers should be allowed more time outside. Of course many think the opposite. Many people think that the less time that students spend outside increases the amount of time that these students can get in more trouble. Being inside more also gives the students more time to learn and be prepared for high school. Although in my opinion students not being allowed outside can greatly impact their grades. With being inside more, students are becoming more prone to block things out. Clearly students that have a plentiful amount of time outside are able to focus better on the needed material, instead of being more focused on friends. I really feel that students that do not get time outside may more easily become antisocial. This is because when students go outside at lunch, or any other time, they talk to their friends. Taking away that social time can greatly affect a student's well being. For these reasons and many more, students should be allowed more time outside during the school day.

8th Grade Promotion Party
June 2, 2017
Outside the Middle School

Theme: Neon Beach party

Food, goodie bags, games, and prizes

Needing parents to bring: fruit/veggie tray or salad

Volunteers needed for the party for supervision, cooking, and setup and clean up

Next meeting: May 9th and 30th, 2017 @ 6:30, MS commons