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May 24, 2018

Being the New Kid
By: Cierra Robson

Lockwood has several new students. Let’s meet a few. Jesse is a 6th grader; he came to Lockwood school about 2 months ago. His last school was Blue Creek in Billings. The hardest thing about moving schools is changing classes. At Blue Creek he only had 2 teachers. He was surprised that Lockwood that they had pizza every day. At Blue Creek there were fewer choices. Pizza was only on Fridays. His advice for transitioning is staying organized and to not carry around lots of stuff. He did not have a hard time making friends. He just sat down at a table and watched youtube the kids went to sit by him and then hung out.

Kaizen is a 7th grader she started school this fall. He went to McGee school in Idaho. At first it was hard for her to figure out his way around the school. He was surprised at how big the school was because his last school was little. He said some advice for transitioning schools is to stay organized. He has not made any close friends, but he has people who he eats lunch with.

Finally, meet Zac. Zac is an 8th grader and moved here in January. His last school that he was at was Frameworks. The hardest thing about moving schools for him was learning concepts that the other school had not taught yet but that Lockwood kids already knew. His advice for transitioning is to work hard and to study so you can get good grades. He did not have trouble making new friends.

DC Trip

Field Trip
By: Sydney Emond

On April 9th the Lockwood Journalism team arrived at KTVQ to tour the station. We saw the room where people write the stories and watch news around the world. One guy listened to the police scanner in case there was a story they needed to cover. We then went down to the control room where some workers control when the commercials come on or what goes on the green screen.

We saw the anchors do the noon news and learned that they can control how fast the teleprompter scrolls down. Elizabeth Kamminga did the weather, not on TV though. We asked Ed Macintosh and Aja Goare some questions about being on the news.

After that we went to the Billings Gazette and saw a bunch of cubicles and then went to the printing room where the machine is three stories high. Saw the giant tanks of ink, and then a machine that places ads into the paper.

To cap things off the class went and had lunch at the Burger Dive. The owners, parents of former Lockwood students, were extremely hospitable.

My favorite part was watching the news live and seeing the control room. Overall it was a fun time and I learned a great deal more about news and writing.