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 May 30, 2019

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Another Host
Family Opportunity

There is a group of ORCA Exchange Students coming from France June 15 - July 8th. There are 3 boys and 1 girl all age 13 - 15 left . They all speak some English. There is also a chaperon that is fluent in English that comes with them and stays with me. So you do not need to speak French to be a host family. They come with their own spending money and medical insurance. Their main reason for coming is to experience the American teenage way of life and practice their English. All you need to do is welcome them into your home as part of the family. If you would like to host a student or know someone who would (they can live within 150 miles of Billing) please contact me, Jan at 670-8137 or e-mail jjppc@hotmail.com.

The Battle of the Little
Bighorn Field Trip
By: Jaidyn Fox

On May 3, 2019 the eighth grade class took a field trip to the Battle of the Little Bighorn battlefield for Indian Ed day. The battle of the Little Bighorn took place on June 25, 1876 were federal troops, led by George Armstrong Custer, and a band of Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne warriors fought. I am related to Lakota Sioux tribe, so this battle field is important to my culture. I have been to the battlefield before with my family, so the history was familiar to me. When we arrived on buses, we split into groups with chaperones and a very nice tour guide. We toured around Custer’s Last Stand and we took a bus up to some walking trails. We got to be outside and were free to walk the trails and see the beautiful landscape. I enjoyed getting to go on a field trip that is related to my culture and also is a big monument for Montana. Overall, I enjoyed the trip very much and am happy I went on it. For my classmates who had never been there before it was quite a learning experience.

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Host Families

Learn about another culture when you host a student from Japan this summer. Students stay in Montana for one month to experience what it is like to live with an American family. Program dates are July 22-August 17, 2019 and delegates range in age from 12-16. Families with children who are within 2-3 years and the same gender as the person they host are encouraged to apply. To apply, contact Stephanie Davison at sdavison@montana.edu or 406-994-3502 or go to https://www.states4hexchange.org/apply/host/.

Battle of Little Bighorn
By: Amellia May

The 8th grade class, went on a field trip to the Battle of Little Bighorn, in Crow Agency on May 3rd. The field trip showed students what happened during the events that occurred during the battle. The trip was very scenic, with lots of information. We saw many artifacts inside a small museum, with a gift shop next to it. We went on a hike, and we saw graves where braves and soldiers were buried. There was a stone wall showing Native American tribes from the battle and meanings of some of the pictographs. Overall, the field trip was very informational and a fun but serene place to be.

Washington, DC Trip