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 February 15, 2018

Paintng of Lake
The Masterpiece
By: Daniella Mcdowell

Kaleb Oliszczak a talented eighth grader at Eileen Johnson Middle School. He has so much creativity, and he is inspired by himself and the outdoors. He paints not only for himself, but for the people around him. He took private lesson to succeed at his art. When he paints he sometime sells his art. He has sold a lot of paintings. He also sold one of his very own paintings in our band dinner concert last year. (He also plays in the 8th grade band.)

He started painting about 4 years ago. It is an inspiration when you try. The world can change. In this particular piece of art Kaleb was painting the outdoors. When he paints, he put his heart in his work. He like to paint pieces of art like the sunset. He mainly uses watercolor paints, and he paints because it is relaxing.


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