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 November 9, 2017

Stop BullyingBullying
By: Elizabeth Kamminga

Ugly, fat, stupid, disgusting: have you been called these things numerous times? At Lockwood Schools bullying is not a huge deal, but in other places bullying is a major deal. After asking Mr. Klasna, Eileen Johnson Middle School’s principal, he thinks bullying is never appropriate, and that everyone deserves to be respected even if they are different or there is a disagreement. Mr. Klasna also thinks the word bullying is overused when most people do not understand what bullying means. Bullying can start mostly through insecurities people have about themselves or things that happen at home that can affect their social health. Bullying can affect mental and emotional health which could lead to self-harm and suicide. Every year at least 44,000 people die from suicide. More than one out of five people get bullied each year. Suicide and bullying rates can work together by people who bully others that can push them to self-harm and suicide. Bullying could be resolved if people could respect others even if they are different; everyone is equal and unique in their own way. If you think there is bullying going on, please, tell a trusted adult to get help. Lockwood Schools should be a safe place for everyone, not a place that makes people feel unsafe or does not help people.

Adrian LeBlancAdrian
Nichole LeBlanc
By: Leticia Stovall

Adrian Nicole LeBlanc is an American journalist. She writes about adolescents living in poverty, prostitutes, women in prison, etc. Adrian is really known for her book Random Family. The book won the New York times 10 best books of the year 2003. Adrian Nicole LeBlanc was born on 1963 and grew up in Leominster, Massachusetts, and she still currently living there. Girlfriend: Three lives in the Drug Trade, was her first writing published was on April 23, 1997. Arian has contributed to the New York Times Magazine, The Village Voice, and Esquire Magazine. Adrian said, There are books that change the way you feel and see; this is one of them, about her book Random Family.


Stay in SchoolWhy Staying in
School is Important
By: Keoni Rohrbaugh & Delecia Forshee

We talked to a daycare owner about her business and why staying in school is important. She said staying in school is important because you have an easier life with bills and managing your money. She also said you have a better chance of getting a good job that pays well. Going to school helps you learn the basics of life and learning how to survive in the real world. Charity said if you want to start a business you have to set up a goal and a plan. You also have to make sure you have rules from the state, and you have all of the proper paperwork. She said all the paperwork is very time-consuming and all the due dates are very important. The more employees you have the harder it is to pay yourself. Charity said for every $1000 you make, you give about 70% back to the state in taxes and other fees. Before you start a business you have to read the state licensers. It takes about 3 months to start a business, and 30 days to get your paperwork approved from the state. If you decide to do daycare you get payed 25$ a child but for infants it is $30 because they are more work. One daycare owner makes $55,000 a year and 60% of that went to daycare stuff costs. She profited $12,000 a year. Charity started her daycare because one of her own children was abused in a public daycare. Her business is successful, and is still up and running to this day.

Katie Couric
Katie Couric
By: Jayde Goodell

Katie Anne Couric was born on January 7, 1957 in Arlington County, Virginia. She has 2 daughters and is currently married to John Molner sinse 2014. In high school she was an intern in Washington, DC at the all-news radio station WAVA. She also was a cheerleader, gymnast, runner, National Honor Society member and newspaper writer. After she graduated high school she went to the University of Virginia (UVA) and got a bachelor's degree in American Studies. Katie was the first women to anchor CBS Evening News alone. She is currently a Yahoo Global News Anchor, and she has worked on CBS, NBC, Today Show and 60 Minutes.