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 May 24, 2018

8th Grade Making Their Own
Mark on History
By: Sydney Wolfe

On April 27, 2018, the 8th grade class of Eileen Johnson Middle School, went to the Chief Plenty Coups State Park. The students got to learn about the Crow Tribe in the Montana area, and how Chief Plenty Coups helped the Crow people to adjust to the changing ways. They played some of the traditional Crow games like Double-Ball. The class got to see the Museum and learn some of the customs of the tribe. The original house is still standing and the 8th graders got to tour through it and listen for the spirits said to dwell within the house. The true purpose of the field trip was to help plant some apple tree saplings cloned from the original trees planted at the park by Chief Plenty Coups over 100 years ago. The students dug the holes 6ft wide by 3ft deep so that the young trees could become well established in their permanent home. The trees will eventually be available for sell. The 2018 graduating class of EJMS can say, they helped make it happen. Thank you to Josh Smith and Aaron Kind for allowing us to be part of such a special program.

Middle School Students
Eagle Scout Project

Kaleb Oliszczak did 8 backboards for the Lockwood Middle School Drama Club as his Eagle Scout project. S Bar S gave him materials at a discount and Tire Rama donated a huge chunk of the money he needed to build it. He had several people come help assemble them and they where able to use them for the drama performance the 1st part of May.

We Will Remember You
By: Shelly Ryan

Remember the child with dirt on his face, that loved you no matter the day.
Remember the child with that running embrace, that needed the hug to get through.
Remember the hearts of those you touched and those whose hearts have touched you.
Remember the tears that you had to dry and the tears you cried in their place.
Remember the days where nothing went right, and the child that turned and said, thanks.
Remember the stacks of the endless papers to grade, and the answers that brought smiles to your face.
Remember the moments the light bulb came on and everything fit into place.
Remember the field trips, the songs that they sang as they ran and they danced in the rain.
Remember their waves as the bus pulled away on that very last day of the year.
Remember their tomorrows will be more fulfilled because of the time you were here.

CASA Volunteers Wanted

The success of our future depends on the wellbeing of our children, but in Montana they are among the most vulnerable in our communities. Statewide the number of children entering foster care due to abuse or neglect in recent years has skyrocketed. In Yellowstone County the number of children removed from their home has increased drastically from 182 in 2014 to nearly 600 in 2017 resulting in approximately 1,000 children currently in foster care. Despite the enormity of these statistics our children are more than numbers, and each one deserves a voice. You could be that voice by becoming a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate with CASA of Yellowstone County. Our next New Advocate training begins in July. Give us a call at 259-1233 or visit our website at yellowstonecasa.org to learn more about our upcoming information sessions and how you can make a difference in the life of an abused or neglected child.