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 May 18, 2017

Volleyball Painting
Volleyball Color Wheel
By: Robert Morris

A few weeks ago, the 7th grade art students created amazing pieces of art. Their project was to create a personalized color wheel. One student, Melissa Hall, created a wonderful design of a volleyball surrounded by splatters of colors. When asked what her inspiration was she said, I love volleyball and loved the idea of splatter paint also." The projects can be seen in the encore pod of the middle school.

Japanese Host
Families Wanted

Families are needed to host Japanese youth for one month this summer. This is a 4-H program and the dates are July 23- August 18. Host families should have children 10-16, the desire for an in depth cultural experience and fun! Japanese delegates come with spending money and health insurance. They are here to experience everyday life in an American family. For application materials contact Linda Stewart at 406-837-5091 or email her at mtncows@montanasky.net. You may also email Stephanie Davison at sdavison@montana.edu.

Rabbit Cartoon

Elephant Drawing
Elephant with a Colorful Heart
By: Cadence Parrish

Alexis Waddingham drew and painted an elephant with colors coming out of its trunk, creating a heart. She drew and painted this beautiful picture in February. The colors are vibrant. Waddingham stated, It was normal...it was just another assignment." I do not believe that the painting was just another assignment because of her hard work done with the colors, the body, and the overall feel of the painting. Waddingham got the idea for the painting from friends giving her ideas that were very cool and creative, and the idea of an elephant was already on the paper. She made the painting in the art room in Eileen Johnson Middle School. If you get the chance, go down to the elective pod and see the painting.

EarthFrench Host
Families Wanted

A group of ORCA Exchange Students will be coming from France June 17 - July 7. There are 3 boys and 3 girls, ages 15-16, needing a place to stay. Several of the students play tennis and several play musical instruments. They all speak some English. There is a chaperon that is fluent that comes with them. You do not need to speak French to be a host family. They come with their own spending money and medical insurance. Their main reason for coming is to experience the American teenage way of life and practice their English. All you need to do is welcome them into your home as part of the family. If you would like to host a student or know some one who would (they can live within 150 miles of Billings) or if you would like more information, please contact Jan at 670-8137 or e-mail jjppc@hotmail.com.

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