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 March 15, 2018

Winter Olympics Snowboarding
By: Colter Watts

Today we are talking about Olympic snowboarding. There are five sports that men and women do but at different times. The first sport they do is Giant Parallel Slalom event. It is a giant slope with gates going down the hill. Snowboarders have to snowboard down the hill going in and out of gates. The second sport is the Half Pipe. It is where you go down in between a semi circle and go up the sides to get air time and perform stunts. The third event is this parallel slalom. It is like the first sport we talked about. The fourth sport is Slopestyle. It is a course of a whole bunch of rails and jumps they have to do to get down the hill and get points on how they do going down the hill. The fifth sport is snowboard cross. It is 5 people race down a hill going up hills and around corners at 70 mph. The Winter Olympics have a lot more than just snowboarding so go check them out.

Red Gerard
Red Gerard
By: Tone Spears

Redmond "Red" Gerard is an American snowboarder and a 2018 Winter Olympics gold medalist of the United States Olympic team. He did slopestyle. He is the youngest male Olympic snowboard champion ever. He is 17-years-old. Red Gerard was born on June 29, 2000. He is 5'5" in height, and he weight 116 pounds. After winning the gold he said, "Once I found out I was on the podium I didn't care what spot I got as long as I got top three--that was insane to me. That's something I thought I would ever be able to say in my life that I got top three at the Olympics."

By: MacKinzy Ruff

Bobsledding is the sport of sliding down an ice-covered natural or artificial incline on a four-runner sled, called a bobsled, bobsleigh, or bob, that carries either two or four people. Bobsledding developed in the 1880s in the lumbering towns of upstate New York. The sport earned its name after competitors adopted the technique of bobbing back and forth to increase the speed of the sled. Though women have participated in bobsledding since the sport's creation, international competition for women did not begin until the 1990s. The women's two-person bobsled event made its Olympic debut in 2002. The bobsled run used in international competition is between 1,312 to 1,750 yards long. There are generally 15 to 20 turns per course. Early bobsleds were built mostly of wood. Steel runners were adopted within a few years and, by the mid-20th century, steel and aluminum were used throughout. Competitive bobsledding started in 1924 in the Winter Olympics and now is a well known sport for the Olympics.