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 May 20, 2018

Opposing the
Word "Bullying"
By: Daniella Mcdowell

The word “bullying” means pressuring or hurting people to do what someone else wants them to do. To be considered bullying it must be consistent. A lot of people say there are getting bullied the first time someone is being mean to them, but that is not really bullying. I think that if someone is mean to you once and you cry out that you are being bullied then you keep crying out when you actually get bullied it makes it sound like the story the boy who cried wolf. There are many different types of bullying for example, physical bullying, social bullying, verbal bullying, and cyberbullying. I think that kids should stop using the word ‘bullying’ unless it is actually is bullying.

By: Sydney Emond

Flowers grow
Lawns have to be mowed
The fresh air is here
But sometimes the snow still won’t go
Spring is here
I hope it will stay
Spring is in the air
Please don’t go away

Student Council
Student Council
By: Kaiya Schneider

Student council has a very important role for Lockwood School. Student council is a group of students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, including teachers who put together events that support the school. These events consists of hat days, spirit days and many other things. Student Council also helps put together field trips. Without these kids and teachers most of these things would not happen. They also make posters to put together these events and make the Lockwood kids aware of the events being held. Elizabeth Kaminga is one of the many kids in Student Council. She says that she joined this activity because it helped her become more of a leader and helping kids is one of her favorite parts of being a part of the group. If you would like to join Students Council you are going to have to wait until the beginning of the next school year, unfortunately. Next fall all you have to do is fill out a packet from the teacher hosting Student Council. You have to give a reason that the school can benefit from your ideas, and you have to be accepted so give a very good reason why you would be a wonderful addition to the group.