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 May 24, 2018

Under the Sea
By: Kaiya Schneider

Seventh grader, Kailyn Seelye, is a very talented artist. She recently finished an art project of a watercolor painting. This painting took her two days to fully finish. Her painting was of a fish. Kailyn say she does not quite know what kind of fish it is, just that it looked cool, in her opinion. Kailyn loves art. She says, "It is my favorite subject because I can express myself in ways I couldn't before." Kailyn's favorite thing about art work is that she can use many vibrant colors to express the way she is feeling. Some things Kailyn wishes she could change about her painting is that she wishes she added more color and that her painting could have been neater. She also says that she wishes she did not add as much water to the painting because the colors were dull and very watery. Kailyn plans to make many more pieces of art in the future and hopes she gets better.

Spring Poem
By: Charlie Desmarais

Hello there spring
It's finally time for you to spring
You make flowers come out
And make birds chirp, ring, and sing
But also there are bee stings
Give the flowers back their coloring
Time for the animals to have beautiful offspring
So hello there spring soar upon a bird's wings

Equipment on
the Middle
School Playground
By: Sianna Heiser

Having equipment on the middle school playground can help spark imagination, and students can have fun at different heights. It seems that if there is equipment, kids seem more awake but when kids do not have fun equipment, they act more tired. Most kids play on their phones, inside and outside, because there is nothing else to do and friends might be in ICU or tlking to teachers. Playground equipment can help get sixty minutes of exercise for kids because all children need to exercise for sixty minutes. Instead of playing on phones they can be get activity minutes without the kids even thinking about it. Kids can play together or they can fight over the equipment, it just depends on the people playing on it. Most people would love to play on the little kid playgrounds because the equipment is fun to play on with friends. Equipment can be slides, swings, rainbows, and walls. There are a lot of kids that will play on the playground after school just for the fun of it. I believe that if we had even swings on the middle school playground more people would be getting along and having a little bit more fun. A lack of physical activity is a problem for teens, but with more things to play on the kids will move more and maybe get in some times for physical education when they miss school. There can be many reasons why middle school kids should have equipment on the playground, but these are the main reasons why there should be equipment on the playgrounds.

Host Families

GlobeLearn about another culture when you host a student from Japan this summer. Students stay in Montana for one month to experience what it is like to live with an American family. Program dates are July 22-August 17, 2018 and delegates range in age from 12-16. Families with children who are within 2-3 years and the same gender as the person they host are encouraged to apply. To apply, contact Stephanie Davison at sdavison@montana.edu or 406-994-3502 or go to https://www.states4hexchange.org/apply/host/.