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 May 18, 2017

National Junior Honor Society
National Junior Honor Society
By: Cadence Parrish

Many students in middle school do not know what NJHS is, what it stands for, and the benefits of being a member of NJHS. National Junior Honor Society is a society that looks at students’ Grade Point Averages (GPAs) for all of middle school. The eighth grade students that have met the GPA average get to have a ceremony about scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. The benefits of being in the society are that you are more likely to be nominated for the National Honors Society in high school, and you can take a day off of school on the 19th or 26th of May. Also, you are more likely to get a scholarship for college if you are in NJHS and NHS. Once the GPA is established, teachers decide which students should be in NJHS. They talk to three teachers for each student. The teachers they talk to are from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. These teachers verify that they meet the other criteria beyond their GPA.

While the society is talking to the teachers they ask questions such as does this student meet all the recommendations, does the student deserve to be a member, etc? The teachers say yes or no to the questions, and two out of the three of the teachers have to say yes to the questions they ask. Our school has a NJHS chapter, so the eighth graders who work hard in school can get recognized for their hard work. The recommended GPA for this eighth grade class is 3.6 in all three years in middle school. The students get an award and many get scholarships because of the hard work they do. The Society holds a ceremony for the nominated students. The Society stands for hard work, leadership, character, eagerness for learning, and citizenship. The teachers play a big part in the Society. But the students play the biggest part in the Society. Eva stated, “It’s not hard to get into National Juniors Honors Society, as long as you like school and try to do your work."

The induction ceremony will be the 18th of May where there will be speeches given by the students about leadership, character, and more. The students pick a song to sing for their parents and families. The students do not just get nominated into NJHS, but they earn it by being leaders, being good students, helping people out, and being a good person even when teachers are not watching them. The NJHS students are the students that teachers do not have to worry about; they are the students teachers can trust. Congratulations to this year’s inductees.