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 April 12, 2018

Middle School Students
Penny Wars
By: Elizabeth Kamminga

One, two, three, four, we declare a penny war! At Eileen Johnson Middle School, the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades had a competition to see who could donate the most pennies in a jar. The idea was to put pennies or dollar bills (positive points) in a grades’ jar to give them more points; students could also put nickels, dimes, and quarters (negative points) in other grades to decrease their points. All of the money (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills) were donated to the Lymphoma Leukemia Foundation. Ms. Ryan, student council advisor, decided to do a grade level penny war instead of the individual classroom competitions, since Mrs. Schlepp, secretary of Eileen Johnson Middle School, had told her about a similar fundraiser at her old school. Ms. Ryan wanted to donate to Lymphoma Leukemia Foundation because her grandmother has non-hodgkins lymphoma, a blood disease that never goes away, and her aunt used to have B-Cell Lymphoma. The Lymphoma Leukemia Foundation was very fortunate for Eileen Johnson Middle School to donate $449.98 and will use these funds for research. Out of $449.98 Eileen Johnson Middle School fundraised 12,803 pennies, 838 nickels, 1,223 dimes, 229 quarters, and 101 in paper dollars. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Baseball Cartoon
Painting of Shark
"Dylan Byrd"
By: Leticia Stovall

The first semester seventh grade art class made watercolor paintings, one that popped out the most was an all black shark with a light green background. This shark painting was painted by Dylan Byrd at Eileen Johnson Middle School’s art room. The materials used for this project were watercolor, shapes, and salt. Dylan was inspired by a picture his friend showed him of the shark. If you would like to see more of these watercolor painting, they are located in the elective pod.

Cartoon about Work Out