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 April 6, 2017

Just Say No!
Saying "No" is Hard for Middle Schoolers
By: Paige Opp

According to Wayne State University Physician group, peer pressure is a big part in how we dress and act. Peer pressure is using words to persuade other into doing thing. Peer pressure can have an negative or positive effect. It can happen in school, the mall, friends house, and even your own house. In middle school and in high school is when peer pressure becomes more serious, and it becomes more difficult to make decisions.

Peer pressure can start at any age, even toddlers can be peer pressured. Peer pressure happens when one person is trying to convince someone else to do something, for example with drugs and alcohol. Peer pressure can happen anywhere in more way than just with drugs and alcohol. In middle school it is harder for student to make decisions because they do not know what will come out of it, what to do or just the fact that they want to fit in.

I talked to 2 students at Eileen Johnson Middle school. They will be kept anonymous but will be known as Student A and B. One question that was asked was "How do you feel about peer pressure?" Student A answered saying, "If someone is your real friend they would not peer pressure you." Another question that was asked was, "What's something that you can say about peer pressures?" Student B said, "Just say no and be true to yourself and make good choices." According to Kidshealth.org it is only human nature to listen to and learn from people the same age as you.

Some ways to avoid peer pressure are if one of your friends is peer pressuring you, stop being their friend, and try to get that person some help. Find friends with the same interest as you. Just say no to them and leave the situation. Do not buy the line, "Everyone is doing it" because the truth is that not everyone is doing it. Get away from the situation; make your exit.

Peer pressure is a big problem. It can happen at any age and anywhere. Peer pressure does not always happen to everybody, but there are some people less fortunate. Peer pressure can happen with anything like drugs, alcohol, or it can happen in a positive way like getting pressure doing the right thing. Getting out of the situation can be the best way of staying out of trouble. Peer pressure can play a big role in growing up and each person must find ways to deal with it in a healthy manner.