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 May 24, 2018

Honor Society
New Inductees at Eileen
Johnson Middle School
By: Mrs. Ryan

On May 15, 2018, thirty-one eighth graders from Eileen Johnson Middle School were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. These students were selected because they met the criteria of the five pillars of the Honor Society: Scholarship, Character, Citizenship, Leadership, and Service. They maintained a 3.6 or better G.P.A. for all three middle school years to fulfill the scholarship pillar. They showed strong citizenship, character and leadership and were approved by all middle school staff and then performed at least 10 hours of community service. The induction ceremony was held in the commons of the middle school where Mr. Klasna and Mr. Derrig presented the chords and certificates. Mr. Novasio and at least 150 friends and family were there to congratulate each new member. A special thank you to Miss Ryan and Mrs. Freivalds for serving the refreshments afterwards.

These students are: Gracie Leishman, Melissa Hall, Makaylah Beltran, Daniella McDowell, Jack Iverson, Sydney Emond, Koan Wallette, Alexis Waddingham, Kaden Thompson, Sianna Heiser, Noah Crane, Margaret Bieber, Natasha Wittman, Holly Myhre, *Elizabeth Kamminga, Donovan McGraw, Ethan Oliszczak, Josh Miller, Cami Harris, Ashton Anderson, Shawn Miller, Darby Mayo, Kierra Johnson, Aaliyah Nava, Justin Roos, Meghan Cook, James Coburn, Sydney Wolf, Shaelee Arthur, Elizabeth Tatum, Katherine Story, Azeal Widdicomb-Lopez.

*Denotes class Valedictorian

OfficerFrom the SRO's Desk...

"I would like to let Lockwood School know of my plans to retire. My last day will be around 6/30/18. I have loved working for you at Lockwood School and will miss all of you. Everyone has been so kind and helpful, even when I could not make their situation better. I have no big job plans yet, so it is quite possible I will come by to say hello and touch base. Thank you for a fantastic final four years! Stay safe out there!
Deputy Skillen"

Crosswalk Guard

Crosswalk Talk
with Barb

HAPPY SUMMER (almost). First of all, the sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are YOU.

This has been a great year. The cross walk kids have dealt with a lot this school year. The winter proved to be a challenge at times. Although it was cold and the snow was high, they found the energy to climb up the snow hills and slide on the slippery ice. Watching our kids plow through the deep drifts while crossing the field reminds me of having to do that when I was young.

Having the SUN finally out feels so WONDERFUL!!!! The field is now green. The kids can ride their bikes and scooters again. The year seemed long and then "POW" it is already over. I totally enjoy all my kids that cross with me. We share stories, music, smiles, laughs and candy ( of course). I hope you enjoy the long summer. I just want to say thank you to a few of my young friends...

Bayli, Skailur, Kelby, Jaxson, Gaige, Jackson, Jack, Emma, Alex, Madi, Logan, Aaliyah, James, Steven, James, David, Francesca, Pete, Sydney, Ava, Rose, Emily, Coatney, Buddy, Diego, Layla, Bethany, Harmony, Chance, Dakota, Jerren, Jaiden, Madi, Lilly, Lila, Keinna, Danny, Ezra, Jenna, Jessica, Mckenna, Olivia, Aidan R, Aidan M, Lorenzo, Julio, Antonio, and Leelah. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Love you all....have fun this summer.