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 April 12, 2018

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A Choice, More Like a Force
By: Sydney Emond

Last year the Billings School Board proposed a new rule that the choice for Lockwood students to pick a high school they want to go would be eliminated. They came up with this idea because Senior High was getting over crowded while Skyview still had room for more students. But it seems like they missed the problem. Have they ever wondered why students do not want to go to Skyview? I have talked with some of my friends that go to Skyview and most of them said they do not feel welcomed there. Most of the former Castle Rock kids never wanted to engage with the Lockwood kids and some of them have been bullied because of it. Did they also not look at the facts? To get to Skyview you have to go through morning traffic and through Main St.,one of the most dangerous streets in Montana. Our own superintendent, Mr. Novasio ,said," They built a high school in 1985 in a horrible location, and our kids are paying the price for it." I then talked to my sister and her friends, who attend Senior. They all said they felt welcomed and made lots of friends with Lewis and Clark kids. This brings up the topic about the high school for Lockwood which is a whole other topic. Our superintendent, Mr. Novasio, has said Lockwood is an after thought, that no one cares how decisions affect Lockwood. He believes we should have our own high school. We students want a choice of what school we can go to. I believe that there should be no redistricting in Lockwood and that students get a choice.

School Uniforms
By: Kinzy Ruff

In my opinion all schools should have uniforms. School uniforms would make life better for the principles, teachers, parents, and students, because it would enhance their learning environment and create less drama about the dress code. Seventeen percent of schools in the US have school uniforms and 54% of schools have a very strict dress code. If you think about it 71% of schools would have school uniforms because it would just be easier for that 54% to go to school uniforms. In Lockwood the staff give the students an opportunity to change if they are breaking the dress code, but this takes time out of class. I understand that students do not like the dress code at Lockwood because it feels like they are losing their independence, but if Lockwood went to uniforms there would be no issue with arguing between staff and students. We could even have a few select days to wear normal clothes, but there would still be a dress code, just not as strict. Fifty-one percent of bullying at school comes from appearances. Forty-seven percent of the fifty-one percent change their appearance so they will not get bullied anymore, but unfortunately, they still get bullied. This bullying is based off appearances. One positive to a school uniform is that students would focus more on learning than what they are wearing. It also enhances school spirit. I also think having school uniforms is better than a dress code because it would stop a lot of drama that has started over the dress code. To sum it up, this is why school uniforms are better than dress codes.

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