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PTA Meeting Minutes Dec. 3, 2018 Approved

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PTA Meeting : called to order by Lacey; 5:58

Attendees: Kelle, Whitney, Lindsey, Monica, Jennifer, Becky, Glenda, Christina, Ginger, Kristi,
Lacey, Kayla

Welcome and Introductions: Ice breaker BINGO

Special Guest -
Glenda from Boys and Girls Club
Discussion around having a Pumpkin Patch together next year
Family Fun Nights - working together

Gloves and Playground toys
Discussion around needing gloves and playground toys,
Motion made by Kelly for $1600 from Knuckles up to go towards playground & gloves.
Lisa Second it. All in favor

Discussions: Gloves just buy three per class for k-2
Ten for intermediate & ten for middle school. Becky
In January talk about remaining amount of money from $1600

New Business:

  • Dominos 5th ● Flyers went out. Event on facebook. 5-8 only 20% goes to PTA
  • January 9th for next month.
  • Family Fun Night Basket Auctions 12-6 ○ Still looking for volunteers. Starting at 530 but needs help with set up before. Games go from 645-740
    ○ Donated Prizes ● All good
    ○ Cedar chest to be used for raffle
    ■ Motion to vote motion made by Monica second by Becky. Motion passed.
  • Adopt a Family Gift Delivery/Pickup- Sunday Dec 9th 11-2 will be dropping off gifts. Join us. Christmas Cards donated if have extras. Dec 11th 6- whenever done wrapping.
  • Tuesday Dec 18th family pickup gifts 9-11 6-8 time period. Dec 20th deliver to families that don’t pickup. N
  • $1,821-$1,641 Motion for $25 toward gas per family. Using coin drive money.
    Remaining amount of Drive money to lunch account balances.
  • Motion made by Lindsey second by Monica. All in favor.
Reef Day - 18th Ginger
Not looking to be promising. Sunset Bowling. Skate World. Discussion in January. Ginger will call around.

Old Business:
  • Coin Drive $1,821 more trickling
Correspondence: Thank you notes. PTA correspondence from Tobin in yellowstone county news.

Review and Approve Minutes: November general meeting
  • Lisa Motion: to postpone approval of November minutes till January meeting
    Whitney Second
    Motion Passed

Treasurer Report:
  • Kelly Motion: To approve treasurer report
    Monica Second
    Motion Passed

Other: Inspirational Quotes on bathroom walls and stalls. Vinyl to start small amount. Go from there if it survives. Reach out to Sandy and Sam.
  • Discussion around getting feedback from the teachers on what they need to make their lives easier, (money, supplies, help(volunteer classrooms)
    ○ Discussion around highlighters
    ○ Discussion around Breakfast in the classroom
  • Need to look at the current money we have in our account and upcoming fundraisers to allocate the money to things that teachers could use.
    ○ The book gifts were well received and ways to do things like that
  • Will have the relations teams and other teams ask what is needed?
Lindsey Motion: to adjourn
Monica Second
Meeting adjourned @ 7:55 pm

Next Meeting January 7th, 6:00

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