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PTA Minutes - October 1, 2018 Approved

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PTA Meeting: called to order by Lacey Monday October 01, 2018 @ 6:05 p.m.
Welcome and introductions
Lisa Muilenburg, Ginger Lienemann, Lacey Rollins, Whitney DiFronzo, Charity Boller, Chavela Emery,
Lindsey Talmark, Rosanne Hanson, Heather Luhman, Lynette Larson
Welcome and Introductions :

New Business:
  • Coin Drive (adopt A Family) Lindsey - Lisa will help with deposits. We need buckets and a Flyer sent home the 25th of October to kiddos. Send teachers an email before we get flyers out.
    Chavela has connections to the Windmill (406-927-3945)will reach out for donations for Adopt
    A Family.
  • Picture Retakes (11/08/18) Ginger will be in Boston - Sandy and Sam will take over.
  • Parent Teacher Conf. (Oct. 15th - 16th) Charity has contacted Eric Norton and waiting on info.
  • Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 22nd - 26th) Jaymee Wilder will be doing a super hero theme we will work
    with her with in our budget.
  • Veterans Day (November 9th) Lynette Larson and Heather Luhman - Heather has little flags, they
    would like us to help with reception snacks and drinks. Veterans will RSVP to Heather by email.
  • Calendar - Tobin will take to Admin meeting on this Thursday and let us know if events are approve.
Old Business:
  • Fall Pictures - went well, would be nice to do scheduling online. Better Communications about how and when to pay for pictures.
  • Membership Update - we have 74 members. Mrs. Carlson 2nd Grade wins the ice cream party!
    Charity will reach out to Mrs. Carlson and Dairy Queen for Ice Cream. Skyler McGillvary wins the $20.00 gift certificate.
  • PTA Training - Melissa attended on Sept. 18th she was not available tonight but will share what she has next meeting.
  • Knuckles Up - (Monica) Thanks to all who helped out! 1,600 was made for Lockwood School.
  • Adult Ed Garage Sale: Charity will call Kona Ice and see if we made a percentage of any sales.
  • Thank You to Kona Ice
Review and Approve Minutes: September 10, 2018 general meeting
  • Whitney Motion: to approve minutes
  • Lisa Second
  • Motion Passed
  • Discussion: Dominos Pizza has not been contacted yet we are still trying to establish this fundraiser.

  • Bylaws - Date amended today and added a second vice president 2 year term election to be held on even years. Registered agent has to stay Tobin Novasio.
    Monica Motion: To approve Standing Rules
    Charity Second
  • Motion Passed
    Lisa will submit to State standing Rules
Treasurer Report:
  • Charity Motion: To approve treasurer report
    Heather Second
    Motion Passed
  • Monica Motion: to approve budget as presented
    Whitney Second
    Motion passed
  • Discussion - Ginger will schedule the Reef Feb. 18th.
    Do we have to stay under a certain amount to keep our tax status?
    PTA Give Back - how to get that out to our community or a blurb in the newsletter.
    Movie equipment/Computer -
    Wilcoxen Ice Cream Sandwich fundraiser we already have an account at Wilcoxen (they sell for 1.00 and we keep .50 cents)

  • Discussion: Heather - Owners of Bob Smith are building a baseball field for special needs children. Get all PTA’s involved.
    Amazon Smile - Approved by Tobin

  • Heather will get info on lanyards
    Lacey spoke w/ Tobin about decorating the bathroom stalls he said he would be interested, Lacey will research this and get back to us with more information.

  • PTA can come beside the school to help by doing little things throughout the year.
Heather Motion: to adjourn
Lindsey Second
Meeting adjourned @ 7:30 pm          Next Meeting November 5, 2018

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