Proceedings of the Board of Trustees
Lockwood School District No. 26
Yellowstone County, Billings, MT
Special Meeting of March 28, 2006
2:30-4:30 pm
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As part of budget planning for next year a Board Committee will be available to listen to suggestions from classified staff regarding salary issues for next year. This meeting is for discussion only. No decisions will be made at this meeting.

The committee meeting was held in the Board Room, 1932 U.S. Highway 87, Billings, Montana on Tuesday, March 28, 2006. Trustees and officers present were Trustees: Sue Vinton, Greg Bochy, and Tim Trafford, Superintendent Eileen Johnson and District Clerk Diane Brook.

Registered guests were Janice McKittrick, Vern Dilulo, Dana Hultgren, Dara Fladmo, Connie Bone, Susan Wadsworth, and Karen Fisher.

Janice McKittrick and Vern Dilulo were present to discuss custodian issues. Items discussed were:

  1. Custodial salaries
    a. Increases requested to get in line with District 2 salaries that
        range from $12.82-$16.04 per hour.
    b. Laurel custodial salaries range from $9.07-$12.48 per hour
    c. Implementing a shift differential for night shift
  2. Timeclock
    a. Custodians are the only ones using it. Perhaps other classified employees should use it also.
  3. Implementing a custodial matrix
    a. Based on longevity
    b. Based on merit or performance
    c. Based on skill levels
  4. Increased duties without additional help due to the new addition
  5. Health insurance benefits offered at Lockwood versus other schools

Connie Bone, Dara Fladmo and Dana Hultgren were present to discuss their positions as Title 1 Tutors. The major areas of concern were:

  1. They are considered classified staff, even though they have teaching degrees.
    a. Due to classification and lower pay, some feel they do not receive respect as teachers even though they teach up to 30 students per day
  2. They have no classroom area in which to teach.
  3. Whether or not Title 1 will continue, and whether or not they will have jobs in the future.
  4. Salary Issues
    a. Pay increases have been small ($1.91 per hour over the last
        nine years)
    b. Request an increase in pay up to $13-$14 per hour
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Special Meeting
July 25, 2005

Tim Trafford advised that the board is actively pursuing a building project to address the space issues. He also noted that federal grant money is shrinking, and they try to do the best they can.

Eileen advised that Lockwood Schools has gone from $300,000 in Title 1 monies down to $140,000. Title 1 grant funds for 2006-07 should be finalized the first part of July. She advised that they try to use the money to get the best education for our students. Reducing class size is also an allowable use for Title 1 dollars. She commented that some different education delivery strategies are being considered for next year.

Susan Wadsworth arrived at 3:37 p.m. Susan said she really enjoys the job; she is a floating full time substitute. She works in the library when she isn’t needed as a sub. She noted that the paraprofessionals have hugely different levels of the intensity of their work.

Harold Hagen dropped in and said he is pleased with his compensation and raises.

Karen Fisher came in at 3:55 p.m. Karen said she would like a good raise and understands funds are limited. She has worked for the school for over 30 years, and her experience and knowledge is very helpful to the district. She thought a raise up to $18 per hour would be reasonable.

The committee meeting ended at 4:37 p.m.



Respectively Submitted,

___________________________      _____________________________
Teresa Stroebe, Chairperson             Diane M. Brook, District Clerk

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