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Congratulations to the Lockwood School Board of Trustees!

By: Maycee Myers

On October 20, 2016, the Lockwood School Board got the Golden Gavel Award. This award was proudly given to Lockwood and is an award they earn year after year. Mr. Sauther, the chairman of the school board, along with board member Scott Kiekover received the Marvin Heintz award. MTSBA awards the Marvin Heintz Award annually to those trustees who have reached the pinnacle of trustee training and leadership by amassing 36 points in the School Board Academy trustee certification program. Trustees must have received the equivalent of six years certification or approximately 110 hours of training, and those who qualify have truly shown their commitment to educational leadership.

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Congratulations to the Lockwood School Board of Trustees!

School Board MemebersThe 2014-15 Lockwood School Board of Trustes was named School Board of the Year at the Montana Conference of Education Leadership in October 2015. Lockwood Trustees also received the Montana School Board Association Golden Gavel Award for the 26th year in a row.

Congratulations Lockwood School Board
By Taylor Kapfer

The Lockwood School Board received an award for best school board of the year in Montana on October 15 and 16. They were nominated by people in the community. Recently, Skyler S. and I teamed up with Bailey E. and Avion E. to make a video to present at the Lockwood School Board meeting on November 12. The video features staff, teachers, students, and principles giving a special thanks to the School Board for all they do for us. The video will be shown on the televisions in the pods and commons as a part of Mr. Vanderbeck's video students' news broadcast. Bailey and Avion said, "I think it looks good so far." It took about two weeks to finish, but it came together great. Lockwood School Board did some special things for our school that really stood out such as being the only people in the state that agreed to fund our gifted and talented program, letting us operate a pre-k program, and being very instrumental about helping get the football program running again. Congratulations and thanks for all you do!

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Lockwood School Board Receives 25th Golden Gavel Award

Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Lockwood School Board for receiving the Golden Gavel Award for the 25th Year in a row., something no other school board in the state of Montana has achieved. The Golden Gavel Award is bestowed on those school districts whose entire board became "Certified" in the same twelve month period. The awards ceremony took place on Thursday, October 16, 2014. Board members who participated were Peter Freivalds, Tim Sather, Don Reed, Sue Vinton, Tamara Spillum, Jennifer Wagner, Cat Luhman.

Congratulations Don Reed!

Lockwood School Board Member Don Reed has been awarded the MTSBA Marvin Heintz Award at MCEL. The Marvin Heintz Award is bestowed on those individuals who have reached the highest level of trustee certification through the School Board Academy Program with 96 hours of training. Don Reed was dedicated and committed to the public education involved to reach this level. The awards ceremony took place on Thursday, October 16, 2014. Congratulations Don!

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