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Lockwood Schools - Board Mission Statement & Goals

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Mission Statement

Legendary Education,
      Lasting Foundation,
            Limitless Future!

Lockwood Schools expects all students to succeed. We will achieve this goal by being focused, adaptable, innovative, engaging, and driven to help every student achieve success.

We will strive to achieve a safe, secure, and positive learning environment including the design, maintenance, and operation of facilities that enhance learning.

We will nurture classrooms of life-long learners through the use of standards-based curricula, effective teaching strategies, innovative technologies, and constructive feedback ensuring that our students’ depth of knowledge and variety of skills match the needs of the greater contemporary world.

Each student’s education will be driven by the design and use of effective data systems measuring both individual and group success.

We will work to engage staff, students, parents, and community members to help ensure the success of each student.

Areas of Focus:
  • Standards/Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment
    • High Achievement for Each Student
      ▪ Ongoing proactive development and implementation of a clear and viable curriculum exceeding state standards
      ▪ Professional development and support
      ▪ Use of formative and common assessments
    • Ensure that All Students Will Have the Opportunity to Learn What is Expected of Them
      ▪ Strong alignment between intended and assessed curriculum
      ▪ Data gathering and utilization

  • Students/Families/Community
    • Provide Value Added Resources to Our Community
    • Encourage Active Involvement of Families in Student Learning
    • o Focus on Staff and Student Mental, Physical and Emotional Well Being

  • Resources
    • Maximize Financial Resource Utilization
      • Evaluate the current and ongoing costs of programs, technology, campus facilities and professional staffing

  • Advocacy
    • Encourage Board, Student and Staff Involvement in Community, Regional and State Organizations
      • Focusing on our student and community interests

  • Climate
    • Focus on Safety, Security and Facility Needs
    • Foster Positive Professional Relationships Between Staff, Administration and Trustees Based Upon Mutual Respect and Open Communications
      ▪ Expand opportunities for collaboration
    • Build School, Community and Civic Pride
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Lockwood School

Legendary Education,
    Lasting Foundation,
     Limitless Future!

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