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Documents related to school board meetings are available here: Lockwood Board Room

The Lockwood School Board of Trustees has a proud tradition of service and commitment to the students and staff of Lockwood Schools and to the members of the community. Because of an increase in population in the Lockwood community, the Lockwood School District was reclassified from a Class Two District to a Class One District. This reclassification required the school board trustees to increase from a five-member board to a seven-member board.

The 2013-2014 Lockwood School Board received the Golden Gavel Award for the 25th year in a row which something no other school board in the state of Montana has achieved. For more about the recognition the Lockwood School Board has received, visit the Awards link.

School Board members for the 2015-16 school year include Chairperson Susanne Vinton, Vice-Chair Katherine Luhman, Tim Sather, Don Reed, Joe Borgstrom, Vicki Krause and Scott Kiekover. School board contact information is listed below.

The Lockwood School Board regular meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the board room. Work meetings and special meetings are also held when needed. For times and dates of the meetings visit this link: Lockwood Events Calendars

Lockwood School - School Board Contact Information for 2018-19

Tim Sather
(2019-20 Chair)
05/07 Term Expires 5/2022
406-245-8200 (Work)

Katherine Pfau
06/13 Term Expires 5/2022
406-245-4421 (Home)
Pamela Ask
(2019-20 Vice-Chair)
12/16 Term Expires 5/2021
406-671-7981 (Cell) askp@lockwoodschool.org
Joe Borgstrom
05/14 Term Expires 5/2021
651-247-6200 (Cell) borgstromj@lockwoodschool.org
Sylvia Noble
12/16 Term Expires 5/2021
406-861-4341 (Cell) nobles@lockwoodschool.org
Scott Kiekover
05/15 Term Expires 5/2021
406-256-6208 (Home) kiekovers@lockwoodschool.org
Janna Lind
05/17 Term Expires 5/2020
406-697-9145 (Cell) lindj@lockwoodschool.org

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