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 Lockwood Elementary & Eileen Johnson Middle School

Lockwood Schools is a member of the Eastern Yellowstone Special Services Cooperative. For over two decades the Cooperative has combined the resources of Shepherd, Lockwood, Huntley Project, Custer and Hysham Schools to provide quality special education services to students with disabilities. In recent years, Pioneer, Hardin, Community and Squirrel Creek have also joined in this cooperative effort.

Through the combined skills of over several Lockwood special education staff and additional Co-op's employees, Lockwood is providing individualized education to over 200 students from age 3 through the 8th grade. Through membership in the Cooperative, member districts receive speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, school psychology, audiological, special education budgeting, inservice training, administrative and legal services, as well as consultation on a wide range of other educational concerns. The Co-op's goal is to provide support for students, families and schools.

The special education and coop staff are listed below.

Elementary School Special Education Staff
  • Kathy Bracy
  • Helen Joda
  • April Lawver
  • Heather Nolan
  • Kim Shanks
Eileen Johnson Middle School Staff
  • Laura Bertolucci
  • Sigrid Noyd
  • Carrie Schmidt¬†
  • Anna Fishbaugh
Eastern Yellowstone Special Services Cooperative
  • Debbie Emett, School Psychologist
  • Sam Lambert, School Psychologist
  • Nancy Wilkins, Occupational Therapist
  • Katie Hanson, Speech Therapist
  • Roger Heimbigner - Clerk
  • Shari Scribner, Speech Therapist
  • Bonnie Huck, Office Manager
  • Christina Olstad, Director

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