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Mrs. Tina Muller is the administrator of the Aesop system. To contact her please call 867-6213. Her email address is

Substitutes: If you know you are not available during a certain time or a certain day be sure to enter an unavailable or do not disturb on your calendar in Aesop. PLEASE do not remove your phone number from the system profile. Removing your phone number does not make you inactive.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Aesop Resources:

In order to receive information specifically for substitutes please be sure I have a current e-mail address.

           Send an email

TackIf you are no longer interested in substituting in our district contact me so I can remove you from our system. Removing your phone number from the Aesop profile does not remove you from the list. The Aesop system considers you an active substitute until you have been marked inactive and your name is removed from the list.

Job Requirements:
Please remember that you must respond in some way when Aesop calls you about a job. Choose:  Yes, No or Do Not Disturb during this calling period. Any one of these responses will allow the system to finish its round of calls and fill the job. When you hang up after entering your PIN or if an answering system picks up, it is not considered a response. The system will continue to call until it gets one of these responses from every substitute on the list.

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