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Announcements from the Director of Special Services
Please visit the links below to view information about No Child Left Behind and to learn how to ask for teacher qualification information.
Right to Request Teacher Qualifications
Lockwood School operates a School-wide Title I program which serves all children in our district. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall School-wide program. The purpose is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core subject areas for all students, especially those students most in need. This purpose is achieved through:

  • High quality instruction
  • Comprehensive reform strategies and methods that are based on the use of scientifically based research
  • Strategies and methods to improve teacher quality and professional development
  • Consolidated use of funds

The Title I teachers, who are referred to as intervention teachers, are as follows:

  • Susan Andersen
  • Linda Engdahl
  • Denise Wulff
  • Carrie Schmidt
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